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Address: Peter Zimmermann - 2008

Words of our 1st Chairman Peter Zimmermann at the memorial wall in Sindelfingen on 21.09.2008 (see also picture report) about Rudolfsgnad, Ludwigsburg / Osweil and Sindelfingen

Dear present, dear former members of the community Mramorak, dear friends,

we do not just want to look into the past, which often gives us cause for mourning, but also want to get involved in the future .
Because for many of us, for many of the former members of the community Mramorak a small miracle has happened. We Donauschwaben were expelled from our homeland and we lost almost everything there; but we have found a new home here in the heart of Germany, our ancient homeland, and we have won almost everything here. Here we found work, here we have families founded, here we have made friends, here we are active in clubs. With our energy we have contributed to the flourishing fatherland being able to flourish again and offering its citizens a new home, that Germany in the heart of Europe became a friend of other countries and people and respected by other nations.

Our dead relatives admonish us with this memorial: we want to honor other peoples customs and customs, and we hope that our culture and our language before other peoples recognition. Our dead relatives remind us and all our fellow human beings of the importance of mutual respect for one another and peaceful interaction. This respect must also be sure of small groups and minorities who, like us Danube Swabians, are proud of their heritage and culture.

The dead relatives, who are already resting in peace, admonish us and all others with this memorial to this peace in our lives.

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